Geek Crafters LIMITED QUANTITY Unisex BURGUNDY S/M Face Mask + PM2.5 Carbon Filter – 100% of Profits Donated to Your Choice of Aid – USA Made – Fast Shipping, Washable/Reusable Fabric

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Join Geek Crafters in Helping Communities Affected by C0VlD-l9
100% of Net Profits for Each Mask Sold Will be Donated to C0VlD-l9 Aid & Relief on a Monthly Basis – YOU Choose Which Charity You Would Like to Benefit!

Beneficiaries Include: LA Service Industry Workers, CA Homeless Population, CA Hospitals, Nationwide Aid and International Aid. More beneficiary details at bottom of this listing.

Face Mask Details:

– This listing is for a face mask with stretch cotton lining for fashion, max comfort and breath-ability
– Ships Fast! 2-5 Biz Day Delivery in USA*
– Handmade in the USA (Los Angeles, CA)
– 3 Layers of Thick Premium Fabric for Extra Security
– Built-In Pocket to Insert PM2.5 Carbon Filter
– Adjustable Ear Loops for Security & Comfort
– Flexible Metal Nose Strip Sewn Into Mask for Enhanced Custom Fit
– Reusable & Washable
– Multiple Sizes Available
– Stylish Colors & Specialty Fabrics
– 100% of Net Profits from Each Mask Sold is Donated to the C0VlD-l9 Relief Fund of Your Choice (Choose from the drop down menu when you add it to your cart)


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As of today, we are at a 2-3 business day prep time.

Geek Crafters fabric half masks are reusable and washable, sewn to order based on your specifications. To ensure the most comfortable and customizable fit possible, we’ve added thoughtful extra details, including a flexible metal nose piece to help the mask conform to the bridge of your nose, a built-in pocket to insert disposable carbon filters, and adjustable elastic ear loops to accommodate your specific face shape and comfort level. Our masks also have a special pocket where you can insert a standard-size PM2.5 carbon filter (available widely online, or message us if you want to purchase extra filters).

We sew each mask ourselves in the Los Angeles area, with high-quality materials and expert sewing techniques, using our own unique custom sewing pattern, not available anywhere else! Message us with any questions about the masks themselves or the charities we donate to.

We also are partnering with other local or small business who would like help raising funds for their workers or communities that are affected by C0VlD-l9 and its aftermath. Many people are out of work indefinitely, due to the nationwide and local efforts to stop further spread of C0VlD-l9 and need help making ends meet until the government allows them to resume working again. This is an especially serious situation for those of us who are self-employed, 1099-contractors, part-time or independent, as well as many service industry workers in bars, restaurants, entertainment and nightlife, and we want to do everything we can to help!

Please Note: Our multi-purpose masks can be used for Cosplay, conventions, cold weather, crowded situations, sewing, crafting, reduced exposure to dust/particles/pollution, and for enhancing one’s own personal comfort and hygiene. Since they are handmade they have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not guaranteed to prevent or treat any disease or physical problem.


USA Customers:Click here to read more.

2-5 Days in USA, based on the amount you order and options chosen, but may vary depending on postal service, weather and other factors. Please message us BEFORE ordering if you have a specific date you need it by.

Additional masks ship for $1 extra instead of full shipping price (good for up to 5 masks).

International Customers:Click here to read more.

Estimated International Turnaround:1-3 Weeks, based on the amount you order and options chosen, but may vary depending on postal service, weather and other factors. Many countries may be doing additional screening/delays of incoming packages due to C0VlD-l9 safety, and we have no control over any delay or interference by local governments when it comes to packages. Please message us BEFORE ordering if you have a specific date you need it by.

Multiple masks ship internationally for the same price as one mask! Due to extremely expensive international shipping rates, we can’t reduce the price of sending one mask, but we can include multiple masks in one small package to make it more cost-effective for you. Add multiple masks to your cart and you will see that the shipping price remains the same for 1-5 masks. Message us for special orders of more than 5 masks at a time and we can make a custom listing for you.


The low profile size S/M is pictured in all photos in all of our fabric face mask listings. This style is more “ninja-like” and is intended to fit snugly on the face.

Both models in our listing photos are wearing the S/M. For reference the female is about 5’3” and 100 lbs and is an XXS in women’s clothes with a head circumference of 22.75” and the male model is about 5’6” and 150 lbs. and is a M in men’s clothes with a head circumference of 22” If you are purchasing for someone of slender or petite build up to medium build, then the S/M should be fine. We have some friends and family who are in the 200-300 lb range with head circumferences of 23.5-25” and they fit more comfortably in a L/XL.

Hopefully that helps! If you still need help deciding on sizing you can also always send over your own size info and we’ll do our best to help!


Each mask comes with one complimentary filter and we also have a separate listing in our shop for purchasing extra filters, limit 2 per mask ordered. Click here to read more.

The filters themselves are currently $2 each (hopefully in the future they’ll be less expensive but unfortunately right now the factories are all up-charging us due to the high demand). If/when we get a bigger shipment from a reliable supplier we will be sure to pass the savings (and the ability to buy more quantity) to our family. Also, we want to make it clear that the use of a carbon filter is completely optional. Our mask is constructed of 3-layers of thick premium stretch cotton, with a special shape and lots of extra skin coverage, and which hugs the face ergonomically and offers lots of comfort and security even without a filter inside.


Click here to read more.
According to what I’ve read online, the amount of time you can use each filter really depends on a variety of factors from person to person, like the person’s size, how heavy the person breathes, what the humidity in the air is, etc. If it’s just for a brief trip to pick up supplies at the store or to run some errands and then remove once you get home, you can probably get multiple uses from one filter. But if you plan on wearing it nonstop for 8 or 10 hours at a time, and possibly breathing heavily or sweating, then it won’t last as long, some sites even say 1-2 uses per filter under extreme conditions. I’m not a medical expert by any means, but that’s my best guess based off of the research I’ve done. I think for liability and safety reasons, most filter companies won’t commit to any standardized filter lifespan but they do say that “you’ll know” when it’s time to change it because breathing will become more difficult.


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They’re all handmade to order, and we are just a two-person husband and wife duo, but we are working around the clock to fulfill them as fast as we can. We are taking individual orders but also trying our best to also help out with larger group requests for healthcare workers, hospitals, businesses and service professionals who need these to protect their teams (if the timeline and parameters are reasonable). We are doing whatever we can to continue making masks for as many people as we can. As of today, we are at a 2-3 business day prep time.


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OF COURSE!! We sell them in packs of 5 and we have it all in stock ready to ship.



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They’re individually handmade to order so they typically take 2-3 business days to create and shipping normally takes 2-5 business days depending where you live in the USA. International orders may take 2-3+ weeks. Total time depends on your place in line, the fabric you choose, what size/style, how many masks you buy (larger orders take longer to fulfill).

Thank you for your support!

C0VlD-l9 Aid & Relief Links:

We’re still growing this list as we speak, but we will be posting regular updates on our social media and Etsy store and are updating the list as we discover new places to donate to, so please let us know if you have any suggestions to add to it! We’ll be donating the total net profits raised each month on a monthly basis, starting with March’s fundraising results to be donated on April 1st. Each person who buys a mask gets to choose where their net profits go, out of the 5 categories below:Click here to read more.

US Bartender Emergency Assistance Program:

Restaurant Workers Community Fund:

United Way LA Homeless Relief Fund:

Crowdfunding Link to Raise Funds for Bulk Purchases of Hospital Supplies:

Feeding America’s C0VlD-l9 Fund:

United Way’s C0VlD-l9 Fund:

Direct Relief:


No returns or exchanges

But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.


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